Farmodietica is a family company founded in 1986 with the mission of promoting the populations health and lifestyle.


Farmodietica operates through wholesale distribution and direct sale of products such as dietary supplements, healthy foods and beverages, medical devices and drugs. Farmodietica also offers nutrition and weight control services through one-on-one consultations with registered dietitians according to the 3 Phase Method of which the company is the developer and owner.


Firm and long lasting partnerships

Honesty and integrity

Team work and hard work

Creativity and proactivity

Constantly improve


Our vision

Since the beginning, Farmodietica has been developing new areas of operation, looking forward to better accomplish its mission. Today, the company continues searching for innovative solutions within and outside the current distribution channels, products and services.



In Farmodietica we believe that the best products, services and results can only be obtained with the highest quality standards, by promoting the development of a dynamic team with high knowledge and training levels. Farmodietica’s staff includes a Quality Department, a Technical Department with 5 pharmacists in order to ensure the innovation and strictness of its products and a Nutrition department with 24 Registered Dietitians who actively cooperate in the technical-scientific development of 3 Phase Method, and vouch the best training of the over 200 Registered Dietitians nutritionist consultants who actively, daily support the population.

Brand Policy

Farmodietica holds different brands for products and services in different distribution channels (pharmacies, herbal shops and health food stores, doctors’ offices and clinics and exports to wholesale pharmacy distributors).